Heddon #1500 Dummy Double in Strawberry Spotted

Heddon #1500 Dummy Double in Strawberry Spotted

The last 0 in #1500 indicates the color Spotted or White, Red & Green Spots, commonly known as Strawberry possibly because there were a few identifiable spotted patterns and colors. This one is categorized with several others as Spotted.

This Dummy Double with hand-painted gills, glass eyes, marked props and special raised, flattened L-rig hardware, and 3 special Dummy Double hooks is a beautiful, very early example of one of Heddon’s most collectible lures. It weighs 1 ounce on the nose.

The close-up photo below shows how the hook hanger changes enabled these unusual flat hooks to hang beautifully.

Macro photo of Heddon Dummy Double flat hook hanger hardware.

Spin It Below in 360°

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