Experimental Heddon Minnow with No-Scratch Hanging Hooks – 3D Image

Antique Heddon Experimental 3-Hook Minnow Fishing Lure

Going out on a limb and hoping this is an Experimental Heddon Minnow with the No-Scratch Hanging Hooks introduced 1907-1913. The lure had a white body with a red top. 3-hook minnow

Could this be a peerless minnow with Heddon Dummy hooks? I have a peerless minnow with a green back, but cannot find an example with a solid red back and white belly. Why would someone put valuable Heddon dummy double hooks on a Plueger Peerless 3-hook minnow? The hooks are more valuable than the lure – UNLESS it’s an experiment made with a blank a long time ago by a Heddon employee.

Spin It Below in 360°

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